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Staged For Success: Top Ten Pro Secrets

Post Date May 10, 2018

Staging your home prior to listing, more often than not, results in a faster and more profitable sale.1  In fact, the North American Real Estate Staging Association estimates that professionally staged properties spend 73% less time on the market, receive more foot traffic, and typically sell for more money.2

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How Clutter Clogs Your Space and Your Brain

Post Date June 9, 2016


Clutter: According to the dictionary the definition is “to fill or cover with scattered or disordered things that impede movement or reduce effectiveness.” For most people they take this at face value – piles and piles of things all over the place taking up valuable space. And of course, at times it is difficult to find what you need … Read More


How to Divide and Conquer Your Open-Concept Floor Plan

Post Date April 18, 2016

Sliding Glass Panels

One of the biggest catch phrases, as well as one of the biggest design trends, of the last dozen or so years is the open-concept floor plan. In the Lower Mainland, condominium owners have embraced open layouts in a big way, but  for many, how to divide and conquer your open-concept floor plan is a big challenge!

Because most condominiums

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Demystifying the Cleaning of Your Hardwood Floors

Post Date July 21, 2015


They look beautiful, but keeping hardwood floors, gleaming clean is one of the great challenges facing, proud home owners!  Hopefully, this blog post will help in demystifying the cleaning of your hardwood floors!

Although installing hardwood flooring is usually more expensive than rolling out new carpet, it’s an investment worth considering, according to data from the National Association of … Read More