Historical Mortgage Rates Charts

Before you make any decisions on the terms of your mortgage, it helps to have perspective on where rates have been and how they’ve been behaving recently.  You don’t want to “lock-in” in your terms for too long if rates are trending lower, nor would you want to choose too short of a term if rates where rising!  Hopefully, these charts will give you some perspective and help you dicide on the terms of your next mortgage.

To use the charts, hover the mouse over the chart lines to reveal the date and the corresponding rate for the data point your reviewing.

Best 5 Year Rate Comparison (Fixed vs. Variable) – 2 Years

Best 5 Year Rate Chart (Fixed vs. Variable) – 8 Years

Fixed Rate Term Comparison – (2 Years)

Variable Rate Term Comparison – (2 years)

Fixed Rate Term Comparison – (6 Years)

Discount to Prime Rate on 5 Year Variable